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Inspections and Survey

Classification Surveys:

Full Set of Classification Surveys /Initial, periodical, annual, interim, extended, special, etc./. On behalf of "PANAMA SHIPPING REGITRAR”, “INTERNATIONAL REGISTAR OF SHIPPING”, “INTERNATIOANAL NAVAL SURVEYS BUREAU” as well as other classification organizations - after appointment. Our team is capable and qualified of performing comprehensive UTM hull surveys, and have the technical background, the experience and the proper software and hardware to contact subject surveys.

We provide consulting & surveys in any cases of intervention by Port State Control (prior or/ and after PSC inspection); Ship registration - Consulting, formalization, pre- registration surveys; Towing survey - inspection & certificates;


Conventional surveys of vessels:

Flag State Inspections (FSI) and similar surveys for compliance with the requirements of the Flag state administrations (acting as appointed representative after authorization);

Full Set of conventional surveys for the vessel's conformity with the requirements of the existing international conventions on navigation acting as surveyors appointed on a case-by-case basis by a foreign marine administration;

Conventional surveys and issuing of all kinds of statutory certificates & associated forms under provisions of the international safety conventions: SOLAS-74 as amended, MARPOL 73/ 78, LL-66, TM-69, ILO & others acting as appointed representatives and/or surveyors and on behalf of the National Administrations of: MALTA, St. VINCENT & GRENADINES, UKRAINE, HONDURAS, PANAMA, BELIZ, CAMBODJA, UAE, LEBANON, GANA, PERU, SRI LANKA.


Cargo, Casko and Damage surveys.

  • Marine expert analyses
  • Damage surveys (Inspections and Investigations)
  • P & I surveys, assistance and consulting
  • Insurance surveys


Survey and appraisal of the general condition of the vessels

  • Condition surveys, F/U surveys, etc
  • Pre-purchase survey
  • Appraisal Inspections
  • Insurance survey
  • On / Off Hire surveys
  • Ocassional surveys


Surveys for determination of the quantity of cargo, bunker, empty cargo spaces, etc.

  • Draft survey
  • Ullage survey
  • Bunker surveys