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Condition Assessment
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Condition Assessment


NTX Marine Services department can assist vessel owners in evaluation under CAP (CONDITION ASSESSMENT PROGRAM).

CAP is the recognized method for a ship owner to demonstrate the quality and suitability of a vessel for charter. The program provides a charterer with a technical evaluation that determines whether or not an older vessel has been maintained to a standard that should minimize the possibility of a casualty, oil spill, mechanical failure or General Average claim.

The CAP includes a detailed survey of the structure's gaugings and a strength and fatigue engineering analysis as well as extensive testing of the vessel's machinery, equipment and cargo systems. Following the CAP, a rating is assigned to the vessel.


Pre-purchase vessel inspections:

  • Hull Condition

  • Cargo equipment

  • Deck equipment

  • Accommodation areas

  • Navigation equipment

  • Machinery

  • Deck and Machinery log books


Pre chartering assessments and survey:

Inspecting & verifying the vessel is suitable for the intended voyages.


On / Off Hire Vessel Condition Surveys:

General overall condition of the vessel at the time of delivery or re-delivery, with emphasis of vessel’s cargo related items & equipment.