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Technical Support
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Technical Support

We provide a comprehensive technical management and support services:

Stability and Loading Analysis for vessels and offshore structures including inland and oceangoing ships, semi-submersibles, barges, floating docks etc. Weight control, Lightweight Surveys and Inclining Tests executed on site by our teams. Intact and Damaged Stability calculations. Consultancy on all aspects of Floating Stability.


Statutory and Class Documents. Preparation of all types of statutory and onboard specific documents, manuals and plans as Stability Booklets, Loading Manuals, Damage control Plans, Fire and Safety Plans, Emergency Towing Procedure etc.


Structural design and analyses, re-design and class approval calculations. Simulation and stress analysis of structures in the marine environment. Linear and non-linear finite element analyses (FEM) and combined hydrostatics and structural simulation using the latest design and analysis software.


3D laser Scanning of the ship's geometry, structures and systems and reconstruction in a 3D model for precise project development without the need of the ship to be in presence. The accurate model and the precise design save time and money later during the actual conversion and modification.