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Modifications & Conversions

An Integrated “One contact” service provider - that is what we are capable of and what we do for our clients. All is based on our experience of more than 20 years in the area of  the operational design projects as conversions, modifications and renovations. We are constantly implementing innovative tools and project organization to ease the process and reduce the risks and costs related to it. 


We are completely aware that operational projects are different than the new-building (capital) projects with a lot higher level of involvement of the clients into the project execution, especially into the basic design, the process of selection of equipment, the choice of the equipment suppliers, managing multiple contractors (engineering, building sites, suppliers, delivery chains etc.). In other words the ship owner performs activities, which in new build projects are responsibility and routine of the builder/shipyard and of course all this requires a lot of efforts and additional costs from the ship owner/operator for project management, for control the processes of the engineering, organizing supply chain and the execution of construction on site.


Our answer is implementing a solution in the face of a designated PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) system, admission of our clients into it, and to give them the opportunity to use the system on their own and an take the benefits from using it. All the project management tools (milestones, tasks, gantry charts, component delivery dates, deadlines etc), all the project documents, engineering drawings, CAD models, Bill of materials, equipment specifications etc. will be into the system and available to be used by the client. Using the system, the client will have constant monitoring and control of the project development, decisions making, material and cost estimations etc., and  this will give the opportunity to intervene in the process with comments, suggestions or changes and they will be process promptly trough the predefined process chain of actors involved into the project.  Our clients use these tools for control of  bill of materials, specifications, supply chains and this is giving them the advance in contracting the construction work with the proper estimates, delivery dates, process and monitor of setbacks and delays. Construction site/yard will also be part of the system for a flawless collaboration across  the builder and the supply chain.

Conversion design services include:

  • Feasibility and concept design
  • Project Management for the conversion
  • Ship Surveys, including 3D Laser Scanning
  • Engineering, Class Approval packages and Production drawings
  • Marine system design and specifications
  • Structural design, modelling and analysis
  • Project execution, dry-docking and commision.
  • Statutory and onboard documents  manuals and plans